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These factors limit Medicare beneficiary post—acute SNF eligibility in ways that could not have been anticipated when the extended care benefit was created to help seniors access needed health care. Policymakers must consider cost when considering statutory change. Waiver programs in the s suspending the 3-midnight requirement raised concerns over potential increase in both SNF utilization and associated costs.

From to , Medicare Advantage programs that waived the 3-midnight requirement saw a decrease in hospital length of stay without increased SNF utilization or SNF length of stay, indicating that access to the right level of care at the right time could be cost-saving. And although neither example directly tests changing the 3-midnight requirement to include observation midnights, both studies suggest that innovative health care delivery and modification of SNF access did not result in increased SNF utilization or greater post-acute costs.

In fact, as Goldstein et al. That being said, what can be done? In , the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission MedPAC recommended changing the 3-night requirement to require just one of 3 midnights to be inpatient to make a qualifying stay. Medicare was intended to give seniors access to the healthcare they need. Growth in hospital-based observation care begs for modernization of the statutory 3-inpatient midnight rule. Counting all midnights towards the 3-midnight requirement, whether those midnights are outpatient observation or inpatient, is the right first step.

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Three Days to Midnite Three Days to Midnite
Three Days to Midnite Three Days to Midnite
Three Days to Midnite Three Days to Midnite
Three Days to Midnite Three Days to Midnite
Three Days to Midnite Three Days to Midnite
Three Days to Midnite Three Days to Midnite

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