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Based upon an annual parallax shift of The parallax margin of error is 0.

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Closest approach will happen in about 4, years, when the star will be a few hundredths of a light-year closer to Earth than it is today. In antiquity, Arcturus was closer to the centre of the constellation. The lower output in visible light is due to a lower efficacy as the star has a lower surface temperature than the Sun. Wilson 2. Subsequent spectral atlases [27] [28] [29] with greater wavelength coverage and superior signal-to-noise ratio made with digital detectors have supplanted the older work, but the Arcturus spectrum remains an important standard for stellar spectroscopy.

As a single star, the mass of Arcturus cannot be measured directly, but models suggest it is slightly larger than that of the Sun. Evolutionary matching to the observed physical parameters gives a mass of 1. A weak magnetic field has been detected in the photosphere with a strength of around half a gauss.

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The magnetic activity appears to lie along four latitudes and is rotationally-modulated. Arcturus is estimated to be around 6 billion to 8. However, Charbonnel et al. As one of the brightest stars in the sky, Arcturus has been the subject of a number of studies in the emerging field of asteroseismology.

They suggested that the most plausible explanation for the variability of Arcturus is stellar oscillations. Asteroseismological measurements allow direct calculation of the mass and radius, giving values of 0.

This form of modelling is still relatively inaccurate, but a useful check on other models. Astronomers term "metals" those elements with higher atomic numbers than helium. Arcturus has an enrichment of alpha elements relative to iron but only about a third of solar metallicity. Arcturus is possibly a Population II star.

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Hipparcos also suggested that Arcturus is a binary star , with the companion about twenty times dimmer than the primary and orbiting close enough to be at the very limits of humans' current ability to make it out. Recent results remain inconclusive, but do support the marginal Hipparcos detection of a binary companion. In , radial velocity measurements of Aldebaran, Arcturus and Pollux showed that Arcturus exhibited a long-period radial velocity oscillation, which could be interpreted as a substellar companion. However, all three stars surveyed showed similar oscillations yielding similar companion masses, and the authors concluded that the variation was likely to be intrinsic to the star rather than due to the gravitational effect of a companion.

So far no substellar companion has been confirmed.


This has been variously romanized in the past, leading to obsolete variants such as Aramec and Azimech. Arcturus was once again called by its classical name from the Renaissance onwards. It is the eponymous star of one of the nakshatras lunar mansions of Hindu astrology. The beginning of summer was marked by the star's setting with the Sun in the west and the disappearance of the larvae.

Arcturus had several names that described its significance to indigenous Polynesians. In the Society Islands , Arcturus, called Ana-tahua-taata-metua-te-tupu-mavae "a pillar to stand by" , was one of the ten "pillars of the sky", bright stars that represented the ten heavens of the Tahitian afterlife. This constellation marked the path for Hawaiiloa on his return to Hawaii from the South Pacific Ocean. As one of the brightest stars in the sky, Arcturus has been significant to observers since antiquity. Arcturus is the zenith star of the Hawaiian Islands.

Traveling east and north they eventually crossed the equator and reached the latitude at which Arcturus would appear directly overhead in the summer night sky. Knowing they had arrived at the exact latitude of the island chain, they sailed due west on the trade winds to landfall. For a return trip to Tahiti the navigators could use Sirius, the zenith star of that island. In Ancient Rome , the star's celestial activity was supposed to portend tempestuous weather, and a personification of the star acts as narrator of the prologue to Plautus ' comedy Rudens circa BC. In the Hebrew scriptures Arcturus is referred to in Job In the Middle Ages , Arcturus was considered a Behenian fixed star [59] and attributed to the stone Jasper and the plantain herb.

Cornelius Agrippa listed its kabbalistic sign under the alternate name Alchameth. The Karandavyuha sutra , compiled at the end of the 4th century or beginning of the 5th century, names one of Avalokiteshvara's meditative absorptions as "The face of Arcturus". Arcturus achieved fame when its light was rumored to be the mechanism used to open the Chicago World's Fair. The star was chosen as it was thought that light from Arcturus had started its journey at about the time of the previous Chicago World's Fair in at The star is mentioned in the documentary film Powers of Ten , in which it is seen when a camera zooms from Earth to the whole of the known universe.

Coordinates : 14 h 15 m From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Arcturus disambiguation. November Astronomy and Astrophysics.

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Journal of the British Astronomical Association. Bibcode : JBAA.. Hard, Robin transl. Oxford University Press. Retrieved 26 November Retrieved 22 May Retrieved 28 July The Hundred Greatest Stars. Feigenbaum will be available to answer questions at the conclusion of the call. Her expertise is in the investigation, diagnosis, and management of inborn errors of metabolism, with a specific area of interest in urea cycle diseases.

Feigenbaum qualified as a pediatrician in South Africa, followed by fellowships in clinical and biochemical genetics and research at the Hospital for Sick Children SickKids in Ontario, Canada, before being appointed as a staff physician in the Division of Clinical and Biochemical Genetics at SickKids. She also serves as an associate professor at the University of Toronto. Feigenbaum has been site Principal Investigator for multiple clinical research studies in urea cycle diseases, PKU, and mitochondrial disease. About Arcturus Therapeutics Ltd.

Arcturus' diverse pipeline of RNA therapeutics includes programs pursuing rare diseases, Hepatitis B, non-alcoholic steatohepatitis NASH , cystic fibrosis, and vaccines. Arcturus' proprietary UNA technology can be used to target individual genes in the human genome, as well as viral genes, and other species for therapeutic purposes. Arcturus' commitment to the development of novel RNA therapeutics has led to partnerships with Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

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For more information, visit www. Forward-Looking Statements This press release contains "forward-looking statements" that involve substantial risks and uncertainties for purposes of the safe harbor provided by the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of Any statements, other than statements of historical fact, included in this press release regarding strategy, future operations, collaborations, future financial position, prospects, plans and objectives of management are forward-looking statements. Arcturus may not actually achieve the plans, carry out the intentions or meet the expectations or projections disclosed in any forward-looking statements and you should not place undue reliance on such forward-looking statements.

The Arcturus Key The Arcturus Key
The Arcturus Key The Arcturus Key
The Arcturus Key The Arcturus Key
The Arcturus Key The Arcturus Key
The Arcturus Key The Arcturus Key
The Arcturus Key The Arcturus Key

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