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We have people sponsoring prizes and quite a few local businesses want to come on board. Then we have a community barbecue at the end. Another local initiative involves working with North Loburn School, which is part of the Enviroschools Programme. So far the North Loburn pupils have made tracking tunnels, practising with them at school first before visit White Rock Mains.

The children are currently researching traps and will later come back to White Rock Mains to do trapping in the QEII Covenant block as part of their Enviroschools work. Ross and Eleanore Webber determined to beat possum come-back. North Loburn pupils visited White Rock Mains recently with their tracking tunnels. Complete these short questions to get personalised tips and activities to see how simple and easy it can be. To stay connected on a day-to-day basis follow us on Facebook or Twitter. Skip links and keyboard navigation Skip to content Skip to navigation Skip to footer.

Oh, hello everybody! Yesterday I saw her making a cake.

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She looks after me so well. So I wanted to give her a nice surprise, but what can I do? Oh I know! Hello everyone. They look amazing and they taste delicious. See my skewer? There are no bumps on it at all. I might go and see what Possum is up to. Because I know he would love to help me make the kebabs.

Where is Possum? There he is. Hello, Possum. Hello, Sally. Possum, what are you doing? I want to give you a special surprise. Possum, thank you so much for your hard work. That looks great! It is still a little bit rough though.

Opossums make surprise visit to naturalist's bird feeder

What does that mean? You can see all the clumps of soil there. We need to break them down and make it nice and smooth. We can use a rake to do that and then I can plant my vegetable seeds in there. Ah, okay! I wanted to say thank you so I thought I would give you a special surprise. What a special day today is and do you want something to make it even more special? Oh yum!

Are Opossums / Possums Dangerous? (The answer may SURPRISE you…) - Pest Strategies

Fruit kebabs? Can I eat them? Oh yes, you can! They are delicious and they look wonderful too. Would you like to help me make some? Yes, please. Oh, I can give it to her as a special surprise! Well, my hands are nice and clean now. How do we make them? Oh, I love his shed and all the tools he has in it. And his crow's nest. It's so cool! Oh, Possum, you're always solving mysteries, aren't you? Yes, I am. Sally, you keep preparing the food and I'm going to go tell Skip, OK? Oh, no! Hang on, Possum. You can't go and tell him because if you tell him the surprise party is for him, he'll know and it won't be a surprise anymore.

So you can't tell him. You'll have to keep it quiet.


Oh, OK. I need to get Skip out of his house so I can prepare for the party. Sally, you keep preparing the food and I'm going to go make a plan. Alright then, Possum. Skip is going to come through the gate All my friends will be here. When Skip comes, we can go around the tree He'll walk past. And once he's walked past Oh, great! I'm going to go tell Sally. I've worked out the plan. I'm going to go and tell Skip now. Off you go. That means I can get on with the preparations. Oh, hello, Possum! Hi, Skip! How are you, Possum? How are things with you? Oh, good, thanks. Oh, and I like surprises.

Do you know there's a surprise coming soon? Well, no. If I knew there was a surprise coming, it wouldn't be a surprise, would it? Oh, yes, that's correct.

webmail.wcs2015.org/nykyv-boutique-hydroxychloroquine.php I just wondered why you mentioned the word 'surprise', that's all. Are you busy? Oh, yes. I'm always very busy. I'm just doing this little job and I've got some things cooking in my galley that I'm keeping an eye on. But they can wait. What do you need? Oh, that's lovely that you'd make time for me, Skip. But if Sally was here, would you make time for her too? Oh, that's great. Sally is so kind, and she's always very helpful. Yes, that's true.

She's very kind and works very hard. Oh, are you planning a surprise party for Sally?

Possum Surprise
Possum Surprise
Possum Surprise
Possum Surprise
Possum Surprise
Possum Surprise
Possum Surprise
Possum Surprise

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