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Gerard Manley Hopkins – 5 Favorite Poems

And as Hopkins disentangled himself from his baroque opening metaphor, he encountered fresh difficulties. This made me lose the thread, so that I did not deliver the last two paragraphs right but mixed things up.

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Today, nearly a century and a half later, Hopkins is a canonical poet. It has become a rite of passage for English majors everywhere to wrestle with his muscular poems that stand out starkly from the preened, prettiness of most Victorian verse.

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In this new volume, edited by Jude V. As a result, we witness Hopkins in the heat of composition — as well as in fits of dissatisfied revision. After Hopkins left St. The comparison proved a bit too homely for Victorian sensibilities.

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  5. Hopkins, despite these discouragements, never stopped hoping he would make an impact. So why have his sermons not been included in this posthumous reevaluation?

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    But Hopkins did not treat poetry and sermons as two separate or separable domains. He remains every bit a poet as he mounts the pulpit. In fact, his poetry and his sermons cross-pollinate: ideas, images, and turns of phrase appear first in sermons and later in poems, or vice versa. Hopkins sees poetry as essentially auditory and public. Pingback: 10 T. Gerald Manley Hopkins is one of my favourite poets — I think his work is extraordinary, the more so when you think of when he was writing.

    His work still feels fresh and very contemporary when most of his peers now seem dated, if still much loved.

    I also think he is far less well known than he deserves to be. Thank you for your lovely article highlighting his remarkable range. There is another not on your list very dear to me — and as a coincidence I only posted about it last week on National Poetry Day when I wrote about Inheritance poems, those left to me by both my mother and father and the one poem I chose to leave to my own children was Inversnaid by GMH.

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    Thanks, and glad you enjoyed the article. Always good to meet another Hopkins admirer! Gerard Manley Hopkins and T. Eliot are by far my two favorite poets. Good to see him getting some attention! This essential reads list is great and pretty much the same as mine. If I ever get around to it, will likely link to this post.

    In the sestet, the poet refers to a natural landscape, the mountains. Here, however, the steep cliffs, a nightmarish metaphor, represent the spiritual torment and physical suffering that the poet has had to endure, day in, day out. The only comfort is the relief of sleep. In the poem images of fertility in nature abound: building, breeding, waking, growing.

    Where there is prayer, there is hope! Spring is a glimpse of what the Garden of Eden must have been like.


    Poems of Gerard Manley Hopkins by Gerard Manley Hopkins

    Everything in existence has its own unique identity and inscape. Contrast dappled things and variety set off the beauty of things. Unspoilt nature the weeds and the wilderness is a precious resource. Despite the destructive activities of humankind, the Holy Ghost protects and renews the natural world. Spiritual desolation is a bottomless pit of suffering. The worst form of suffering, outside of Hell, is the desolation caused by self-disgust.

    Suffering is a mystery understood fully by God alone. Only through the submission of our will to the will of God can we truly reveal our inner beauty. God has made us the gift of natural beauty, with all its variety. Humans are insignificant beings who have been rescued from death and oblivion by the sacrifice of Christ on the cross. It has the following characteristics: There is a fixed number of feet rhythmic units per line.

    Each foot has one stressed syllable. The stressed syllable may stand on its own, or may be accompanied by any number of unstressed syllables. What impression of Hopkins the man do you get from his poetry? Is it necessary to admire the author to admire his work? If you had the opportunity to interview Hopkins, what questions would you ask him?

    Poem:~ "God's Grandeur" by Gerard Manley Hopkins ~ read by Samuel West #bluedotmusic

    What do you like or dislike about the way Hopkins writes poetry? Do you think that the themes of his poetry have relevance in the modern world? Share this: Email. Like this: Like Loading Post to Cancel. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

    Poems of Gerard Manley Hopkins
    Poems of Gerard Manley Hopkins
    Poems of Gerard Manley Hopkins
    Poems of Gerard Manley Hopkins
    Poems of Gerard Manley Hopkins
    Poems of Gerard Manley Hopkins
    Poems of Gerard Manley Hopkins
    Poems of Gerard Manley Hopkins

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