Peek-a-Boo (Josh of the Damned Book 2)

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Josh of the Damned Triple Feature #2: The Final Checkout by Andrea Speed

Will Josh survive this retail nightmare? It's a Big Gulp of a chance, but between the hazard pay and the hottie with a sweet tooth for Josh's candy, it's a chance he's willing to take.

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Renting a hearse and especially a casket isn't something you just do. That we got them at all outside of L.

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Now, we had to repeat the miracle? In a matter of hours? Thankfully, these were not my thoughts to think that morning. By the time I woke up, the problem was solved. The rest of the day went much more smoothly. We ended the shoot with a simple flashback scene at a swanky North Fresno home. The last days of shoots are always fun. Everyone is so much more relaxed and the pressure of the next day of shooting is off.

A house shoot turned into more of a house party than anything.

Josh of the Damned : The Complete Collection

When it all wrapped up at about 1am that night, I was To say the least. Disaster, for the most part, had been averted.

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I watch monitor closely as actor Gregory C. I have no idea what Jenny is doing to Kyle here. Make up your own caption! Whatever's on screen, it's delightful. Actor Gregory C. Tharpe gets into character to prepare for his big scene. Fun fact: he's actually listening to the High School Musical Soundtrack. Troy Bolton is so boss. Poor Ema.

This was the last day of filming and she wasn't having it. Sorry, Ema, all good things must come to an end. The super cool house we finished the film, and the super cool dude in the hat who owns it, Eldon Daetweiler. Actress Nancy O'Hara gets prim and proper for her big closeup. Fun fact: we colored Nancy's hair this way for the movie, but she liked it so much she kept it! Fun fact: Greg hated growing out his facial hair, but he's cool enough to do it anyway.

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They who were there at the bitter end. I'm sure the neighbors really appreciated us setting a big bright light in the middle of the street at 2am.

Out of the car, around it, past the shooter, to the girl, the blood sprays, and around. Again, out of the car, around it, past the shooter, to the girl, the blood sprays, and around. And again. We rolled film. The blood wasn't timed right, the actors didn't quite land where they should, and the death was all wrong.

Again and again we did it. The blood kept not being right--either it was too much or too little--and the sun kept on setting. Shirts had to be changed, clean ones put on again and again. We were still losing the light.

Pants Off Reviews: Josh of the Damned Triple Feature by Andrea Speed

Almost gone now. Finally, on our last chance take, everything clicked into place. The camera went where it should when it should, the blood sprayed just the right amount, and the camera landed perfectly for the reveal. Now that we had it, we just turned that successful take into the next one and shot the aftermath of the big kill in real-time. Then, lense changes for the close-ups. Then, reverse angles.

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In a blur, we got the shots and our actresses gave such devastating performances. I couldn't believe it.

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I couldn't believe we'd done it. We tried a few takes with no luck. The traffic just wouldn't let the car onto the street with the speed we wanted. Then, finally, with the light absolutely dying on us, the car sped out of the parking lot and into the distance and We wrapped the day. On our faces you could see all the efforts and stresses that had been poured into that final hour.

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It was hard to believe we pulled it off. Weeks later, I still can't believe it. Then, less than two minutes after that, an ice cream truck pulled into the parking lot and barreled its way through our set. We--all of us--burst out laughing. Had that ice cream truck arrived any earlier we'd have been crying. The cast and crew that looked like they'd just been through a war suddenly turned into smiling and laughing children as they swarmed the ice cream truck and picked out whatever they wanted.

I think we got the better end of that deal. Which, of course, I didn't. Something unexpected and, in this case, delightful happened and I just steered into the skid, believing it was the thing to do. That's basically film production in a nutshell. Me directing Audrey Neal and Ema Horvath. Whatever I'm saying, it looks like it's really boring. Brock Heasley is an award-winning filmmaker at Tremendum Pictures. That's a pretty terrible statistic. There's probably lots of reasons for people not taking a second dip into the filmmaking pool, but the biggest has to be that making a film is really, really, REALLY difficult.

There were times I wondered if I still would have made the film if I knew at the beginning how much blood, sweat, late nights, feelings of self doubt, favors, mistakes, computer crashes, and, yes, tears it would eventually require.

Peek-a-Boo (Josh of the Damned Book 2) Peek-a-Boo (Josh of the Damned Book 2)
Peek-a-Boo (Josh of the Damned Book 2) Peek-a-Boo (Josh of the Damned Book 2)
Peek-a-Boo (Josh of the Damned Book 2) Peek-a-Boo (Josh of the Damned Book 2)
Peek-a-Boo (Josh of the Damned Book 2) Peek-a-Boo (Josh of the Damned Book 2)
Peek-a-Boo (Josh of the Damned Book 2) Peek-a-Boo (Josh of the Damned Book 2)
Peek-a-Boo (Josh of the Damned Book 2) Peek-a-Boo (Josh of the Damned Book 2)

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