Frankenstein (German Edition)

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By Paul Flaig

Ironically, it was the two novice writers, Mary Shelley and Polidori, whose works have endured. Almost out of nothing, the pair invented modern horror. Read more: Older than Dracula: in search of the English vampire. The book the Shelleys, Byron, and Polidori were reading during their trip was called Fantasmagoriana.

It was an anthology of eight stories of the supernatural published in Paris in but translated from the German. No indication of authors or of original sources was given and readers were invited to think of stories as of embellished versions of real supernatural cases.

Mary Shelley

The title joyfully played with this ambiguity, evoking the kind of shows, popular at the time, which were known as phantasmagorias. There was the History of the Inconstant Lover, who […] found himself in the arms of the pale ghost of her whom he had deserted. There was the tale of the sinful founder of his race, whose miserable doom it was to bestow the kiss of death on all the younger sons of his fated house […] he advanced to the couch of the blooming youths, cradled in healthy sleep.

But if we read Frankenstein with Fantasmagoriana in mind, we see that the influence of those stories is definitely more profound than a simple inspiration. Imagination, in her words, is a screen onto which stories project impressions. It is an image she knows perfectly not to be true — but which is nonetheless frightening: like the ghosts of phantasmagoria shows or of Fantasmagoriana, which were explained to be tricks of the mind, but still left the imperceptible feeling of the uncanny.

The story read, in other words, mirrors and anticipates the story to be written. On the morrow I announced that I had thought of a story. Some days later, a nomadic tribe of rival barbarians stumbled upon the community and raided the camp. The monster joined forces with his Neanderthal friends and fought back, but most of them died in the battle. The barbarians tried their best to destroy the creature, but ultimately failed. During the raid, the Neanderthal chieftain was mortally injured.

The tale of this monster blends myth and reality.

The monster took the dying man and traveled far away with him so that he could die in the tradition of his people. After erecting a funeral pyre for the Chieftain, a massive quake erupted beneath him. The monster fell off of the icy precipice and landed into the frigid waters below. The extreme temperatures rendered him inert, and remained trapped in the ice for the next hundred years. Walton was the great grandson of the explorer who first encountered Victor Frankenstein in His crew and he came upon the frozen remains of the Frankenstein Monster.

Walton recognized the creature from stories passed down to him, and ordered it brought on board. During the conflict, a fire broke out in one of the ship's lower cabins, and the intense heat thawed out the Frankenstein Monster. Forging a small wooden raft for himself, the Monster began a personal voyage to track down the last Frankenstein. While there, he discovered the local citizens preparing to execute a comely young woman named Lenore.

Empathizing with Lenore's persecution, the Monster rescued her only to discover that the reason the villagers tried to kill her was because she was a werewolf. The Monster fought with the werewolf under the light of the full moon, and ultimately ended her existence using her father's silver-tipped sword. The creature's quest eventually brought him back to the land of his creation — Germany.


Returning to Ingolstadt , he entered the dilapidated Castle Frankenstein where he discovered a misshapen horde of mindless servants. These pathetic beings were the slaves of a military man named Colonel Blackstone. Blackstone had taken residence in Castle Frankenstein and had acquired a giant mutated spider that possessed the ability to steal the souls of others.

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Blackstone captured the Monster with the intent of having him converted into another mindless slave, but the Monster managed to free himself, and Blackstone was killed during the scuffle. Leaving Ingolstadt, the Monster continued his journey throughout the Bavarian countryside. There he met an old gypsy woman named Marguerita who told him that she knew information concerning the last Frankenstein. The Monster remained with Marguerita for a short time, until he discovered that Marguerita was in fact a vampire. The vampire tricked the Monster into helping her resurrect the lord of all vampires — Dracula.

Dracula attempted to drink the Monster's blood, but the long period of inactivity had greatly weakened the vampire and he was not prepared for a protracted battle with the Frankenstein Monster.

Frankenstein (n.)

He did manage to wound the Monster's throat, rendering him temporarily mute. Dracula fled from the cave and returned to Transylvania.

Moments after the battle, Vincent Frankenstein, the grandson of Victor's brother, Ernst, entered the cave along with his hunchbacked giant assistant, Ivan. Recognizing Vincent as the last Frankenstein, he attacked him and would likely have strangled him to death, had Ivan not intervened. Frankenstein calmed the Monster down, and told him that he may be able to transplant his brain into a normal human body. The monster, though still suspicious of Vincent's motives, agreed to go with him back to England , In the basement of a London townhouse, Vincent Frankenstein prepared the Monster for surgery.

The creature quickly realized that Vincent actually planned on transplanting Ivan's brain into the Monster's body, an act which would certainly mean the end of the Monster's own life. In a moment of selflessness, Ivan refused to be a party to the death of another creature, and betrayed his master. Vincent shot Ivan and ran from the cellar. Vincent died soon after, but not because of the Monster. It was actually his maid, Betty, who took Frankenstein's life for failing to heal his ill wife, Lenore — a woman that Betty held great affection for [13].

The Monster left the London estate, little realizing that Vincent was not the last of the Frankensteins as he had believed. Moments before she died, Lenore Frankenstein gave birth to a son, Basil. With no true direction in his life, the Monster returned to Switzerland. He found himself in an encounter with some wild dogs, who forced the creature to fall from an icy precipice into the cold waters below.

Once again, the Monster was placed into suspended animation, and remained frozen in a block of ice for several decades. Not much has been revealed regarding the history and origin of the hero known as Frank prior to his appearance as a member of the First Line during the s.

His appearance, powers, and demeanor suggest he may be or may have ties to Frankenstein's famous monster, although this has yet to be established. Frank's ultimate fate remains to be revealed. Being found by a steam freighter several decades later, the monster thawed out, however this time it did not revive straight away and was taken to a freak show, and put on display. In a Carnival. Falling back into unconsciousness, the monster was bought out of the morgue by McDowell and shipped to Owen Wallach.

I, Xandria Frankenstein * Gothic Edition * German symphonic power metal band + fantasy movie [HD]

McDowell found that he could control the monster by using electricity and attempted to get use the monster to bring a fresh body to transfer Wallach's brain into since Wallach was dying. However, due to the monster's strength this failed so McDowell transferred Wallach's brain into the monster's body. Waking up and finding himself in the monster's body, Wallach killed McDowell and vowed to transfer the monster's brain back and find himself a better body. Wallach then murdered his nurse, a witness, and threw McDowell's body into the river and travelled to a circus, where his aspect would go unnoticed, and found a male trapeze artist, James , whose body he intended to use.

His appearance startled James' companion Gretchen, who fell to her death. Wallach then knocked out James and took him to his lab, to perform the operation. Once there, he broke a mice jail for the sadistic pleasure of seeing the animals suffered. Wallach then started an automatic transplant to James, which he had developed with McDowell's knowledge but one little mouse had survived his rampage and climbed through James' inert body, unaware of the sabotage it was performing.

Once the transplant was done, Wallach's brain was physically in the body of the mouse, and the Monster of Frankenstein was being controlled by an animal. Psycho James Sinoda The Master [19] was secretly monitoring Wallach's lab and, as he needed the Monster's brain in the Monster's body, he manipulated the events: Using voodoo magic, Sinoda resurrected McDowell, who climbed from the river as a zombie.

Believing he was back to get his revenge on Wallach, McDowell drove his zombie body to the lab. He wanted to extract Wallach's brain and isolate it from any stimuli. Once there, he found technology that Wallach intended to use to automate brain transplants, and moved his brain from his rotten body to the inert body of James , a healthy victim of Wallach's plans.

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He used this body to capture the Monster and then replaced the brain controlling it with the Monster's original brain - but McDowell discovered that Wallach was not the brain controlling it. The Monster then woke up and killed McDowell. With James in the body of McDowell and the creature mute due to the fire, James begins to explain his backstory and what has happened while the monster was "absent".

As the story comes to a close the Master begins to control the body of McDowell and uses him to bring the monster to his lair before killing James, whom the monster had began to feel a kin-ship to. Sinoda decided to not use the Monster in his plan, sending instead his other freaks. Sinoda then tortured Julia and, while doing so, he revealed his real face.

The freaks were aghast at seeing his normal-looking face and opposed Sinoda - who turned his weapons against the freaks. When Sinoda killed his bent butler Bruno , the other freaks attacked him - as he was beautiful and he had trained them to attack beautiful things. Frankenstein's Monster broke his chains, damaging the dungeon's wall and causing a collapse that buried Sinoda and his freaks.

Fantasmagoriana: the German book of ghost stories that inspired Frankenstein

The Monster left with an unconscious Julia in his arms - but when leaving he was met with the police, who believed him to be the freak who had kidnapped her. Fearing the police were out to kill the girl the Monster fled with her, through the forests, the city and even a zoo until the girl woke up and feared the Monster himself and flees in terror. Later The Monster found himself on a train and met a girl who didn't find him monstrous to look at. The pair attempted to foil an assassination attempt on the President.

Frankenstein (German Edition) Frankenstein (German Edition)
Frankenstein (German Edition) Frankenstein (German Edition)
Frankenstein (German Edition) Frankenstein (German Edition)
Frankenstein (German Edition) Frankenstein (German Edition)
Frankenstein (German Edition) Frankenstein (German Edition)
Frankenstein (German Edition) Frankenstein (German Edition)
Frankenstein (German Edition) Frankenstein (German Edition)

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