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The single best way to earn money — automatically

Rent your spare room. The 'rent a room' scheme means you can take in a lodger to live in a furnished room in your home.

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Here are some tips to get you going:. Can you cut your mortgage cost? Those are just the start. Always wanted to have a crack at the old writing game? Now's your chance. The company acts as a middleman between clients and writers, taking a cut from each piece sold.

Some MoneySavers have suggested that article approvals can be patchy and it's often slow to accept new writers — a couple of things to watch out for. It's a godsend, as I had to give up my part-time job due to a back problem. I got another job, but am reluctant to stop writing, as I really enjoy it.

You don't need to be James Joyce, but you do need to construct sentences properly and use correct grammar. Fluency in other languages is a bonus — one MoneySaver writes in German.

Let's get started

Ensure your initial test is up to scratch. If your writing's graded three stars or under, there are fewer assignments on offer, and you earn less per piece. The only way to boost your score is for happy clients to rate you well, which takes time. Check the site several times a day. Once accepted, you log on to check for assignments.

How to Make Money Online

Jobs gets snapped up quickly. Always proofread carefully. The editors are sticklers for correct use of capitals and commas. Fill out your online profile. Even just interests and hobbies. Sometimes clients approach writers directly, profiles help them find people with specialist knowledge. If you're a talented writer, consider pitching your work to papers and magazines too. Keep your pitch email brief, including a few lines summing up the feature idea, plus a few short bullet points on what you'll cover. If you can peg your idea on something currently in the news, even better.

MoneySavers report there's heaps of work on offer.

Make Money Online by Taking Surveys

They've penned Groupon adverts, travel destination descriptions, flight adverts and fashion articles, to name a few. Read instructions carefully. Be sure to include any keywords you're asked for. Don't worry if your piece isn't a thing of majesty — it's often more about getting in those all-important search words. Don't settle for low scores.

The Best Way To Make Money, Gold And Level Fast In RDR2 Online - Red Dead Online Update

All work is scored. It's worth noting a few MoneySavers have had unfairly low marks adjusted after emailing to complain. About two years ago I started a YouTube account. One of my videos started to do quite well and the site asked me to become a partner. I started to receive a very low income from this. However, over the last year I've been posting new videos on birthday party tips.

YouTube's Partner Programme lets users take a cut of the cash from the adverts that run alongside their videos. You must apply to become a partner, but YouTube says anyone who regularly uploads original clips which get a fair amount of views should be eligible. Earnings vary dramatically, depending on how many views you rack up and how much revenue the ads generate.

Make content you'd like to watch. Giggling toddlers, funny animals and crazy dancing are often winners. Start with your passions and hobbies — could you film hula hoop tutorials, hairdo how-tos or video game reviews? So if your cat dances to a song you don't have permission to use, you won't get paid. Write a memorable title. This helps people search for your content quickly. For example, "Evolution of Dance" beats "Dance sequence with dances from lots of different eras". Use popular keywords. Include top search terms in your title. Promote on social networks.

To boost your chances of going viral, share links to your content with contacts on Facebook and Twitter. Post on similar topics each time.


40 easy ways to make money quickly - Save the Student

If you specialise in maths explanations or nail art tutorials, people will click to see your other clips. Don't 'like' your own videos. This will get your account cancelled. Same goes for clicking ads on your videos to try to boost your earnings. Hook viewers from the start. Most users decide whether they are going to keep watching a video in the first few seconds. Use those to spark their curiosity and make it clear what the clip's about.

Like other users' clips. Like other people's channels and videos on YouTube. They may like you back, helping to build your user base.

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  4. To be able to join the partnership scheme, you need a history of posting videos. So set up a YouTube account and get uploading.

    38 top paying sites and apps for making extra cash

    Once you've uploaded a few videos, go to 'Settings' in your YouTube account and click the 'Monetization' tab. Your channel may be eligible if it has more than 1, subscribers and has had at least 4, 'watch hours' in the last 12 months. Sign up, then link it to your YouTube account. YouTube says there's no formula to work out how much you'll get, but thousands of people earn cash through it.

    Easy Money Online Guide Easy Money Online Guide
    Easy Money Online Guide Easy Money Online Guide
    Easy Money Online Guide Easy Money Online Guide
    Easy Money Online Guide Easy Money Online Guide
    Easy Money Online Guide Easy Money Online Guide
    Easy Money Online Guide Easy Money Online Guide
    Easy Money Online Guide Easy Money Online Guide
    Easy Money Online Guide Easy Money Online Guide

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