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Gustavo Deco. Abstract A fundamental problem in systems neuroscience is how to force a transition from one brain state to another by external driven stimulation in, for example, wakefulness, sleep, coma, or neuropsychiatric diseases. Results In order to find accurate ways to promote a stimulus-driven transition from one brain state to another, we first provide a quantitative characterization of the dynamics underlying brain states, here called the PMS space, and then fit a whole-brain model to this.

Awakening: Forcing a Brain State Transition. Discussion We successfully used a whole-brain model to fit the PMS space of the 2 radically different brain states of sleep and wakefulness. Materials and Methods Experimental Data. Whole-Brain Computational Model. Empirical Fitting. Comparing empirical and simulated grand-averaged static functional connectivity. Comparing empirical and simulated FCD. Comparing empirical and simulated probability metastable space state measurements.

Comparing empirical and simulated transition probabilities between metastable substates. Methods for updating EC. Acknowledgments G. Email: gustavo. Reviewers: A. The authors declare no conflict of interest. Gu et al. Neuroimage , — Gervasoni et al. Muldoon et al.

Outcome after stroke upon awakening.

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The Awakening: Contemporary Responses

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Laufs , Decoding wakefulness levels from typical fMRI resting-state data reveals reliable drifts between wakefulness and sleep. Neuron 82 , — Stevner et al. Cabral et al. Neuroimage , 46 — 56 Deco , M. Kringelbach , V. Jirsa , P. Ritter , The dynamics of resting fluctuations in the brain: Metastability and its dynamical cortical core. Deco , T. Van Hartevelt , H.

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Neuroimage 37 , — ; discussion — Kringelbach , Great expectations: Using whole-brain computational connectomics for understanding neuropsychiatric disorders.

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Neuron 84 , — Deco , J. Cruzat , M.

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Awake to the Awakening Awake to the Awakening
Awake to the Awakening Awake to the Awakening
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Awake to the Awakening Awake to the Awakening
Awake to the Awakening Awake to the Awakening
Awake to the Awakening Awake to the Awakening
Awake to the Awakening Awake to the Awakening

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